Turkey, 2006
 Greece, 2010
 France, 2012


Leyla's House, the number one bestselling novel in 2006, was published by Gallimard in France, Patakis in Greece, and other foreign countries.

Praise for "Leyla's House"

"Imagine that you’re deceitfully being thrown out of the house in which you were born and grew up. O.Z. Livaneli’s new novel begins with such a drama. Leyla who’s forced to leave the yali in which she has been living for years finds herself in a city that has completely changed.It’s not only the story of two women, one of them old and the other young, discovering each other…In his new novel Livaneli takes up the basic human need for shelter. He turns Istanbul into a novelistic hero, a city which is continually shook by waves of migrations." - Buket Asci (Vatan Newspaper Book Review)

LEYLA, a highly refined old lady and the last living member of the Ottoman family, is forced to move out of her mansion when it’s sold, by the bank, to a wealthy business tycoon and his ambitious wife, after having lived all her sheltered life in the mansion which belonged to her family for generations.