Turkey, 2013
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Bestselling novel of 2013...

My Brother's Story, the bestselling novel of 2013 with sales reaching 355,000 copies, stayed on number one of the Turkish Bestseller's list for six months between April and October 2013.

Praise for "My Brother's Story"

"(My Brother’s Story) is constructed with mastery… Just like Tolstoy." – Axilla Dorsay
(Turkey’s eminent critic – Radikal Newspaper)

"I read My Brother’s Story with a pounding heart. A must read..." - Ayse Arman
(Famous journalist and author – Hurriyet Newspaper)

"A novel (My Brother’s Story) that continuously surprises the readers and tests their intelligence." - Buket Asci (Famous author and journalist – Vatan Newspaper)

A beautiful young journalist, visiting a fishing village to investigate a mysterious murder case, meets an eccentric old man and finds herself in a labyrinth of stories within stories where fact and fiction intertwine.