The Eunuch of Constantinople

 Spain, 1998
 Germany, 2002

Winner of the Balkan Literary Award for ‘Best Novel of 1997’


The Eunuch of Constantinople has been published in several countries including Spain, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Persia among others.

Praise 'The Eunuch of Constantinople'

A novel that deeply touches, flows in your soul, and powerful enough to permeate your dreams. The story of the 17th Century is an epic tale that makes you feel the depths of Eastern mysticism and puts the Century of the Ottoman Empire in the magical world of the “Thousand and One” tales.” – Per Westberg (Swedish author)

This is a unique book! I have never read a novel with the same series of constant and unexpected surprises like this one. Nothing prepares the reader for the series of new and shocking events that make up the material of this novel. The first thing I’d say to a new reader is, yes; do read it to be surprised. How long is it since you read a book where the people behave in a way that is entirely different from the way your fellow citizens behave? This is the one!” - Elia Kazan

I read the manuscript with curiosity and, up to the last page, with an unwavering pleasure. It makes one discover a fascinating, cruel, and somewhat desperate world” - Costa Gavras

This is the novel of darkness, light, and hope... This novel, with its moment when human feelings suddenly burst into a fireball from within the most corrupt and wrenched man of an empire, will be greatly acclaimed for its many attributes, not just in Turkey, but all around the world, and gain the place it deserves.” – Yashar Kemal (Turkey’s legendary author of ‘Mehmed, My Hawk’)

After being held captive for years in a cell at the Topkapi Palace, Prince Ibrahim ascends to the throne at a time when he least expects it and becomes the absolute ruler of the Ottoman Empire. His most loyal slave, Suleiman, castrated and brought from Ethiopia to the palace as a child, soon learns the ways to power and rises to the rank of the guardian of the harem, a post where he can satisfy his need for power to make up for his disability as a eunuch. An allegorical novel on the fascination with power told through the entrancing relationship between a eunuch and a Sultan in 17th Century Ottoman Turkey.