“Last Island’ was written in 2008, but to a large extent, the story foreshadows the events and aftermath of Istanbul's bloody Gezi Park/Taksim Square political protests of 2013.

Praise for "Last Island"

"Human nature and authority come face to face n Livaneli's unparalelled, creative novel (Last Island). The author invites us to rethink about the world we live in." - Prof. Lenore Martin (Harvard University)

“With this novel (Last Island) Livaneli has entered through the grand gates of literature.” -Yashar Kemal - (The legendary Turkish author)

A retired General--the leader of the latest military takeover--moves to a peaceful island and decides to rid it of what he sees as its last remaining ‘anarchic’ components. The island, described by its people as a utopia, the last peaceful resort for mankind, morphs into dystopia when the General, in the hope of bringing order to the island life, begins to act more and more like a dictator. The first ones to revolt against the General are the seagulls.