Turkey, 2001
 Serbia, 2002
 Switzerland, 2005
 Iran, 2006


Memory of Snow has been published in France by Gallimard, by Patakis in Greece, and by Unionsverlag in Germany among others. It has also been translated into Persian and Serbian.

Praise for " Memory of Snow"

 "A true masterpiece! Excellent technique and psychology! The best novel to illustrate the dilemma of wether to kill or forgive." - Yashar Kemal 

"All the refugees of the world share the wisdom of the fate of flowers that have been ripped off and scattered around. He is playing with the chronology and the reader like a cat's playing with a mouse and telling a two-dimensional truth with a great skill." - Altan Gökalp - CNRS Paris)

Winner of the Yunus Nadi Literary Award for ‘Best Novel of 2001’


SAMI, a young Turkish refugee who escapes from Turkey to Stockholm after the military coup of March 12th, 1971, is brought to the hospital-- following a car accident--where he meets a Turkish man who he believes is the Secretary of State responsible for putting him in jail, having him tortured, and forcing him into exile. Sami makes a plan with his other refugee friends from Chile, Uruguay, and Iran to take his revenge. However, in time, Sami realizes that one’s native language can be a great source of reconciliation, even with one’s enemy, and that this is only one of the obstacles in the way of his plan.